• Quality Management

    Quality is an investment in the future

Quality control and commitment

We like the saying” quality is not an act, it is a habit“. Legend watch try our best to keep the old employees to have the stable quality , and also preferring making high standard watches for keep a good habit of our team. We understand as long as we low down our quality standard, our employees will get used on it, and this is definitely not what we want. We aiming to be No.1 in watch manufacture industry.

Appearance inspection

Legend watch need to inspect all the components before we do any assemble, this is part of outlooking inspection which about alignment,we has two machines to check the alignments. Mainly use for parts with index, like dials, dial ring, insert etc.

watch quality

Dustless assemble

Both case assemble and watch assemble we process in dust-free workshop

Function inspection

We check the tolerance according to technical drawings, test the functions base on clients requirements.

Water Proof Test

We do two times water resistant test, one is watch case, another one is compete watches. Usually if a case is water proofed ,the watch wont have leakage issue.


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