• Watch Case Making

    We focus on provide top quality watch case

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing watch cases is the most important stage of watch production. The appearance and durability of the product largely depend on material quality and its handling. Our production of wrist watch cases opens up ample opportunities in the implementation of almost any design

NC Cutting

When all the technical drawing confirmed, we start tooling, usually it takes 30 days to get rough shaping, we also call watch case blank. Then we use NC machine to get the accurate space for movement, glass, lug top and bottom etc.

CNC Milling

For the un-regular shape case including square case and all kinds of special area like dial ring positioning, bottom strap fitting etc request CNC milling.

Drilling holes for crown (tube) & case lug

This is a process of get the lug holes for strap, and holes for crown tube. We request strap or bracelet when we drilling the lug holes to secure perfect fitting, if anything is changed during sampling and mass producing. We need client informs us in advance. Especially for the solid end piece band. Sometimes the sample band has different tolerance with mass production. Hence we need a close communication with our partners or clients.

Polish & Brush

An excellent watch is not enough by have all functions work well but also need a great finishing, this is a visible spot that shows your brand quality. With a straight clean brush lines and a flat polish surface will help you to gain more and more loyal customers.


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