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Important Watch Design Features


Clients who don’t have a full picture of the watch you want to produce, can send us photos of each components Which you like, we are able to draw out the final version of how the watch looks like.

Watch Drawings

Technical Watch Drawings It’s a super important step for watch making, Whether you are creating sample or mass production it is a must to have right technical drawing to capture The accurate geometric features of each watch components

watch design

3D drawing

3D drawing and 3D Printing This drawing usually used for previous marketing and promotion Before the sample is complete. With 3D drawing you can printing out the General layout of the watch. Lots of client also skip this drawing for reduce cost.

Absolute Quality In Every Detail

Through years of experience, we have acquired proprietary watch design principles that are applied to every project. Strictly control the tolerance at eariest stage for case, bracelet, bezel and other related watch components, to ensure the best fitting.

A Few Carefully Chosen Words

From the drawing to reality parts, it takes 40-45 days. Each component we do strictly inspection according to technical drawing. Till we finish assemble all the watch parts, and all kinds of testings,it almost goes 50-55 days.

Sample Methods

We offer CNC sampling and tooling sampling. CNC sampling could be a bit faster, shape is not as accurate as tooling, it’s more fits for those client who is not sure the final design but expecting an actual products. The sample fee is non-refundable Tooling sampling is a standard way to make samples, fits mature client who have clear requirements and designs for watches. Tooling fee could be refund when mass production is proceed.

Real Legend watch craft

For the mechanical watch, we will adjust the tolerance before shipment. According to Frederique Constant, a tolerance –20/+20 is considered to be generally acceptable, and –7/+7 is considered to be excellent. This is depends on what movement it is. Additionally we offer customized rotor service.


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